Nothing is more important in today's economy than cash!

And this program brings cash, just like the picture shows!

Join me, Larry Oxenham, the most respected and supportive mentor in home business, with a decade of experience receiving cash to my home!


Here are just some of the reasons to join me:

  1. Personal mentoring. All help personally from me. There is nothing like real world experience to give you the truth and the POWER TO SUCCEED!
  2. Free member website. No hosting fees. No technical knowledge needed. Includes capture pages built in, 100% ready to go!
  3. Weekly live conference call. This call results in enrollments for our members.
  4. Postcards designed for my team. Just plug in. You have a choice of several proven cards you can just plug into according to your budget!
  5. CASH TO YOU from $150 - $10,000! More than 1000 cash deliveries to my door in the past decade. It is always fun receiving cash!

Let’s face it, today’s economy is not easy, so having cash on hand to let you sleep at night, take advantage of bargains and may even spend more time with your kids and grandkids, is pretty special.

There is $7,000 in 100 dollar bills spread around the model train in the photo. My grandson was with me, we were putting the train out for him to play when there was a knock on the door; the delivery driver handed me two envelopes, each with $3,500 in it.

This is why this is so much fun: no complicated pay systems to learn, no products to fill your garage and now trouble figuring out how to get paid because this is all about

Cash to your door in days!

I call this the HAPPY TRUCK AND HAPPY TRAIN program…
It is the only program that is pure fun!

Happy Train

What should you do now?

  1. Continue on to the website, read the home page and meet your inviter page.
  2. Listen in on a live Tuesday night conference call at:
    - LIVE: 712 432-0111, pin 330231#
    - TUESDAY EVENINGS, 6 p.m. Pacific, 9 p.m. Eastern
  3. Or, if you can’t make the live call listen to the 24/7 recording:
    - RECORDED: 712 432-0211, PIIN 330231# and # again.
  4. CALL ME AT: 858 205-0885 to get your questions answered and get started.

Thank you.
Larry Oxenham

P.S. You can also request my White Paper that gives a simple overview; just email for your free copy.


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